Blairgowrie RDA

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Tails From the Tack Room

Where is Vienna !! 

Erin took a deep breath and looked to the top of the field and saw her distinctive silhouette…

"Viennaaaa come on ... the children are on their way." 

“It is a phase she is going through Erin" Morven said, he was always looking for the best in everyone.  “Give her some time and common sense will prevail.” 

"I would just leave her here. Since that horse arrived in the next field Vienna has had her head turned" Tony grumbled, he liked to be number one in the group. This fancy horse in the next field was more a show off than him and as a result he was feeling grumpy. However, they had their lessons to do with the children, and he liked the attention they gave him.

"Oh dear I hope the boys and girls aren't disappointed." Always the sensible one Erin lifted her head and pricked her ears... laughter, yes, the children were here.

"Come on everyone” Erin said, the volunteers were at the gate and together they all headed to the arena, leaving Vienna at the top of the field watching the new arrival.

Vienna was waiting to make friends with the new horse who was trotting at the other side of the fence. Vienna thought she looked so imperial with her black shiny coat sparkling in the sunshine, her magnificent mane and black tail floating behind her.

Vienna stretched her shoulders, lifted her head and tilted a back hoof trying to imitate the poise of a noble horse. “Stay on my toes” thought Vienna “this is how all thoroughbreds stand”. 

"Hello my name is Vienna". 

“My name is Arabesque-Aurora-Athena" said the horse. "I have three names, do you have only one?"  

The new horse looked down at Vienna and laughed.

"Oh, you are just a little pony” she said. “I am a purebred, my three names means I am far more important than you".

With that she trotted off and swished her head into the air shaking her mane and laughing.

Suddenly Vienna felt sad. “Hmmm this is not right, it doesn’t matter how many names you have” thought Vienna  “Erin, Morven and Tony have one name and we help children so we are more significant”.

The sound of laughter and cheers came from the arena, and Vienna saw her pony chums playing with the children. Vienna looked toward the merriment and realised that her real friends were all there.  

“Goodness” she thought “all ponies with one name are important and I am late for my lessons”. With this she raced to the arena, as quickly as she could.